Friday, July 22, 2011

Packing for Vacation

I have been feverishly packing these last couple days. My extended family goes on a family trip every summer and next week we go to Minnesota. I am so excited to spend the week with my family relaxing, swimming, playing with the kiddos, and crafting of course!! For the last 5 vacations, my mother and I have packed crafts for all of us to do. We have made our own flip flops, created jewelry, croquet flowers and made totes, and every year we make a Christmas ornament. It is so FUN!! All the ladies participate and we have such a blast chatting and crafting.

This year my mom, my aunt, and I are all bring our Cricuts!! And of course all of our crafts have to do with Cricuts. Hehe. It's gonna be great.

Here are some sneak peak pics of my prep.

I will be posting Sunday and Monday for sure! After that I hope to have some vacation pictures to share!

A special thank you to my grandparents and Aunt Julia. We couldn't do these trips without you. We are all so blessed to do this together every year. THANK YOU!!


  1. Enjoy your vacation and the time with your family. Can't wait to see what you, your Mom, and your Aunt create!

  2. Oh how fun! I can't wait to see your projects. Enjoy your trip.

  3. Hope you have a great vacation. I will wave at you from my home in MN :) Have fun! Can't wait to see your projects!

  4. Oh how fun!! I am very excited to see the projects you and your family make! Have a blast and HAPPY CRAFTING!!


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