Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Make It Monday #82

As Monday at 9:00 am approached, I anxiously waited for the MIM post from PTI to appear on my iPad. 9:01 am I clicked on Nicole's blog and read the much anticipated title of the new stamping technique I was about to learn. This week's title "Cutting Stamps". WHAT?!? Click here to see the MIM video.

To my horror I watched as Erin Lincoln CUT UP A STAMP to achieve a new and different look from an older stamp set. I couldn't believe what she was doing. And then I realized in order to participate in this week's challenge...I must too...CUT UP A STAMP!!

How was I to cut up my much beloved PTI stamps? Which precious stamp would I ruin beyond repair? Then I thought, if Erin could be brave and cut up a stamp (and she assured me, it wouldn't wreck the stamp) I could be brave too.

So I embarked upon the daunting task of selecting my stamp. And to my surprise I found several stamps I debated cutting. Hilarious!!

I ended up cutting a sentiment stamp in two. I have used this sentiment from the "Happy Trails" stamp set before and even thought before "I wish this sentiment was in two parts. One for the outside of the card and one for the inside." Walla - stamp cut, no hurt feelings, and a better, more versatile stamp in the end.

Here are my cards. I made two with the same stamps, just different color combos and paper.

 More detailed version!

 More masculine/simple version.

Hope you were inspired to cut your stamps too. It wasn't so bad in the end.



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