Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vacation Crafting Pics

I just wanted to post some random pics of my family crafting. I promised everyone there wouldn't be any face shots. We figured we didn't have to look pretty while crafting - we were on vacation! LOL!

Looking through the manuals we printed. It really helped to have the images a little bigger. My mom packed all our cartridges in these handy plastic bags. They fit perfect and didn't take up a lot of space.

Our third project (first were the glitter ornaments, second were the vinyl totes) was an envelope mini album. Here is my sister (a pro at envelope mini albums I might add) showing my cousin how to get started.

A table shot. Oh my word, we brought a lot of stuff! See my cousin's daughter with the Cricut spatula? She was getting her vinyl off the mat so she could put it on her ornament. So cute!!

Envelope mini albums and glitter ornaments and Twizzlers...oh my! Utter crafting chaos. Love it!

Hope everyone had a blast crafting together. I have the best family EVER!!


  1. Crafting together is so much fun! Thanks for organizing all of our crafting projects this year!! XOXO

  2. that really does look like the most fun time ever! i love the idea of all the ages of family sharing this together! watch those spatulas! i sliced my finger open pretty badly on it! (the metal is so thin and sharp on the wrong angle!) i laughed at not showing 'face shots'...crafting does not require mascara here either! lol! tfs...

  3. AWESOME!!! Love the "Family Crafting Event" that has become part of some wonderful memories.
    Thank you for sharing.


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