Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Paper Pad #3 Giveaway!!

Now for another giveaway!! 
I'd love to give the beautiful 6x6 Christmas paper pad 
to one lucky follower.
 Fancy Pants Designs - Saint Nick Collection - Christmas - 6 x 6 Paper Pad
 To win, just become a follower. 
Then leave a comment about your favorite Christmas memory!
Sorry, no international winners.

I'll be choosing the winner this Wednesday, December 19th. 

Stay tuned this month for all my 12 Days of Cricut!!


  1. This is such a pretty paper pad!!! Favorite Christmas memory.......I think that excitement we had as kids, not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve, then waking up on Christmas morning!! Thanks for the give away chance Carissa!!!

  2. This is such a pretty paper pad! It is so hard to pick one favorite Christmas memory...I think putting up the tree and listening to Charlie Brown music each year rates up there pretty high!

  3. wow this is so nice!!! Thank you! A favorite memory is hiding in my Aunt's basement as a kid on Christmas eve as our older cousins kept us entertained until Santa Claus came and we each got one gift including the adults! We still do that only now I have two little ones of my own to see the amazement of Santa all over again!

  4. My favorite Christmas memory would have to be the the second Christmas I was dating my husband. My husband was in the military and was coming home for Christmas. I had gotten his gift and my little brother who was 4 at the time knew what it was and was so excited to help give the gift to my then boyfriend. When the time came I told my little brother to get the gift from under the tree. He ran snatched it up and turned around and headed towards my husband. As he was giving it to him he says, "Here, Tony, it's a watch!" We still bring that up once in while and it still makes me smile.

    Thanks for for making me smile today!
    ~Hugs, Saundra
    Luvscrappingtogether at gmail dot com

  5. about 12 years ago (almost) my DD was born.... She was supposed to be a boy born on New Years but she ended up being a girl born on Christmas Day :) best xmas present ever!

  6. My favorite Christmas memory was the year that I got my first scrapbook. My mother had made it, who NEVER was a scrapbooker. She spent all year putting together 1 for each of her 4 kids, with handwritten notes about each of us, what it was like to be our mother and pictures that meant a lot to her. At the end, she told us what she wanted to accomplish and gave some notes of wisdom that related to all of us. It still 11 years later is my most favorite gift I've ever received because of the time and effort she put into it, but the handwritten notes and memories that will last forever!

  7. Favorite memory...the look on my kid's faces when they see that Santa came...always priceless. Thanks for the chance!

    Happy Holidays,
    Carson's Creations
    coachfans at cox dot net

  8. Not sure if I can win again, but I'll enter just in case :)

    My favorite memory from Christmas is when I was 5. I REALLY wanted a cat and I was getting all sorts of cat accessories (litter box, toys, scratch tower) but no cat. I didn't understand a cat was probably on the way. Finally for my last gift they brought out my tiny kitten on a pillow in a basket. She was with me for the next 19 years of my life and is still the best present I've ever received.


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