Thursday, June 2, 2011

Scrappy Desk Challenge

Christina from Creations with Christina said "quick - grab your camera and take a pic of your scrappy desk". The rule was no cleaning up first. I can't believe that for once my desk was actually neat. I didn't even know I had a wooden desk underneath. LOL!


  1. Okay, You are waaaayyyyy to clean. I hope it's not always like this:-) I'm a new follower. I think I'm finding more new blogs on this post of Christina's than anywhere else.


  2. Hi Carissa! I came over from the What's On Your Desk? over at Christina's blog. I'm a new follower. You might have to hold onto that photo of your clean desk. They don't stay that clean for too long in the crafting world, do they :) So nice to have been linked up with your blog. Your projects are wonderful!! Hugs ~ Lu

  3. Your desk is pretty clean! Your blog is beautiful and very inspiring! :)


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