Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wedding Jewelry

When I'm not paper crafting or chasing after my adorable (but very fast) kiddos, I'm doing other hobbies of some sort. I love to make jewelry!! Five years ago when I got married I created all my bridal jewelry. I gave a necklace and bracelet to each of my bridesmaids. They had pearls and crystals and I LOVED them.

Here are some quick pics I took of some wedding jewelry I made for my friend's sister's wedding. Photos never do jewelry justice. Trust me - the crystals sparkle so brightly!!

Matching earrings of coarse. And this last little necklace is for the flower girl. Can you tell the wedding color? Yup. I just love pink weddings!!

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  1. I love the jewelry - I'm like you, if it's not paper crafting it's something else - and you never know what it might be. You did an amazing job!!


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