Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet Blog Award

I got this Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award from Crafty Lu over at Isn't that just the sweetest! Miss Crafty Lu has amazing projects and layouts on her blog. Fun fact : Lu got to ride in a limo to school when she was little - how sweet is that.!!

Here are the rules for this sweet award:
1. Send a thank you to the person who nominated you and include their link.
2. Answer 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to at least 8 other awesome blogs.


1. Every year my entire extended family (about 50+) people go on vacation together. We have been to Italy, Alaska, Mexico and a ton of resorts in the Midwest. We just love each other.
2. When I'm not paper crafting I moonlight as a nurse.
3. I would rather have an appetizer then dessert any day. Savory vs sweet - savory wins.
4. In high school I was a drum major (head nerd) and played the clarinet (but not very well). Don't worry I'm not ashamed, I'm band loud and proud. I just love music!!
5. I got my Cricut this past Christmas and haven't put it down since.
6. My sister is also my sister-in-law; we married brothers. We got married in the same year (along with another sister), we both work at the hospital, and our husbands' own a business together. Weird huh.
7. My baby sister is getting married New Year's Eve! She has found a wonderful guy. And you know what weddings mean - more paper crafting for me!!

Below are links for 8 blogs I find delicious. Not only are their blogs sweet but their projects are super tasty. Take a few minutes (and just a handful of clicks) visit them and send them some sweetness. Love it!

1. Angie at is always cooking up or crafting up something delicious.
2. Mel at is making intricate and impressive projects.
3. Michele at creates the most beautiful cards. Love the glitter.
4. Dawn at displays her lovely Papertrey Ink creations. I have spent a lot of money at PTI because of her.
5. Annette at makes the most adorable mini albums.
6. Tammy at makes amazing Cricut projects and layouts.
7. Arlene at has wonderful cards and inspiration.
8. Deborah at She is an amazing illustrator!! And an amazing mom!!

Thanks again to Crafty Lu for giving me a sweet blog award. You're such a doll! Thanks for being one of my first followers.

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